Paxil 20mg is effective. When you first start it, …

Comment on Q&A: What anxiety medication do you take and how did you first know you needed medication? by Lizzy!.

Paxil 20mg is effective. When you first start it, you would want to only do 10mg. I have Xanax and klonopin pills in the medicine cabinet that I have filled, but not taken. Those two are fast acting medications with almost immediate relief. They should only be used when absolutely necessary because they are addictive. Paxil, on the other hand is for long term use, and can have weird effects when stopped suddenly. With antidepressants, you should decrease your dosage gradually before stopping the medication. I knew that I needed the medication when all I wanted to do was stay home, and I didn’t even really feel safe then. I dreaded leaving the house, and this began for me at age 16. When the fear interrupts your life, it is time. People who claim that meditation, exercise, and all that jazz alone will work, are not telling the truth. The fear in these disorders are caused by chemical imbalances. That cannot be fixed with a work out, although it may make you feel better for a hot second. Good luck.

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