Q&A: Which real estate companies are best for new agents?

Question by Ryan 1: Which real estate companies are best for new agents?
I’m planning on getting my real estate agents license in the next few weeks. I’ve heard that Century 21 and some other companies have their own courses. Is it better to attend their course or just a regular local real estate school. Also what companies are good for new agents.

Any advice you can give is appreciated! Thanks!

Oh and I’ll be getting my license in Tenessee.

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Answer by haygirlc
You can take the courses through a state-approved online/correspondence course. In California, it was about $ 150 or so for the basic courses to pass DRE exam. If you are good studying on your own, this is a great way to get through it fast. If you’re better in a classroom environment where you can ask questions, then pursue that option.

I can’t recommend a particular company to hang your license with. You’ll want to research the desk fees, commission splits, what type of new agent training they have available, transaction assistance, etc. There are a lot of not-busy licensed agents right now, so you may be best served finding a small company that will help train you vs. a big name brokerage where you have to pay high fees and no one will speak to you.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: Which real estate companies are best for new agents?

  • October 13, 2013 at 8:28 pm

    Truly I would get do what feels best, you don’t have to take a course from the company, I did a home study and class room, I am do to take my test on march 4th. 🙂

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  • October 13, 2013 at 9:26 pm

    Hi Ryan 🙂

    Yes, the larger franchises do offer in-house training. I belong to an ERA Franchise (owned by Realogy who also owns C-21 and Coldwell Banker). I’ve found the online courses they offer to be excellent as well as convenient since you can do them in the comfort of your own home. Some are webinar formats which are also nice because you have an opportunity to answer questions.

    As far as getting your license…I would stay with an Independent Program for your Principles…recommend Anthony’s or Allied for that. You don’t want to contractually obligate yourself to a franchise for your initial schooling.

    The best way to find a good office is to talk to the local agents. It is really important to find an office that isn’t too large and with a broker that is very informed and involved in the day-to-day business. Find an agent who LOVES their office and their broker. How active are they in their community? Are they up-to-speed on the newest technologies available?

    It is more important for you to find a place where you feel supported, and comfortable but challenged. Take your time so you don’t office hop. Commission split is not the most important so don’t be tempted by 90% commission splits because 90% of the time you will have NO support from your broker. Most beginners start out in the 50-60% range and work up to 70-75% as they gain experience.

    You may want to look into a good coaching program such as Mike Ferry or Tim & Julie Harris. Both are excellent.

    Best of luck to you! This is not a seller’s market…not a buyer’s market….it is a Realtor’s market!

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  • October 13, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    I am a real estate agent in Australia with my own independent office.

    I am not sure what courses are like through franchises, however, here, the courses with regular real estate schools are very good.

    When you are looking to find an agency to work for, consider the following:

    – do they regularly pay for training for their employees? what kind of training and how frequently?
    – does management get regular training and upgrade their knowledge on changes in legislation etc (here we have special annual education to attend to stay in the know)
    – what internal systems and procedures do they have that will assist people who are just starting out? for example, a good computer software and training resources in the office for when you get stuck on something.
    – is there someone more experienced in the office that can mentor you?

    I believe that a franchise is not necessarily the best, often all the training that they attend is in house, and they are not open to external training providers (which can be very beneficial).

    You need to look at the individual operator of the office to decide if it will be a good environment to start your career or not.

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