This is an average of one suicide roughly every two …

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This is an average of one suicide roughly every two hours! The national rate of suicide (per 100,000 people) is 9.9.

The reason they do it: We don’t know for sure, because when youth die by suicide they take the answers with them. But teens who attempt suicide and survive tell us that they wanted to die to end the pain of living. They are often experiencing a number of stressors and feel that they do not have the strength or desire to continue living. We also believe that the majority of youth who die by suicide have a mental disorder, like depression, which is often undiagnosed, untreated or both.

It’s hard to deal with suicide because many do not share their feelings until they decide to finally kill themselves. Of course their are help services that troubled teens can be turned to. The best way we can prevent suicide in teens are to look for the warning signs: a prior suicide attempt, talking about suicide and making a plan, giving away prized possessions, preoccupation with death, signs of depression, hopelessness and anxiety, increased drug and alcohol use.

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