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Developer offers to finance, build part of Irvine's Great Park
Now, with the housing market in a healthy recovery, the project's developer has offered to finance and build a big chunk of the park in exchange for the city nearly doubling the number of homes he can build. "The way out of the economic mess is going …
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The Unique Ways Women Approach Finance
The standard cliché is that, relatively speaking, men are financial daredevils who like risk and that women are cautious and want security. Alternatively expressed, men are more risk friendly than women. Or to rephrase the title of a bestseller, “men …
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Town left high and dry after director is accused of siphoning funds to mistress
(CNN) — The arrest of a Connecticut town's finance director — who is accused of embezzling $ 2.3 million while financially supporting his mistress in Florida — has left the small community in financial crisis. Henry L. Centrella Jr., 59, was arrested …
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