Rental Properties in Jacksonville, FL Now Available Through Property Investment Company

Jacksonville, Florida (PRWEB) October 21, 2013

Rental property is one trusted solution that some men and women prefer instead of purchasing a home. The company is now opening up its available rental properties in Jacksonville, FL to the public. These homes can be researched by price, location, number of bedrooms and other criteria using the tools that are offered online.

The city of Jacksonville is the largest populated area in the state of Florida based on population data. The housing market in this part of the state frequently goes up and down in value. The credit challenges that some people have after filing bankruptcy or going through foreclosure could limit the housing options that are available in the city.

“The homes that we now offer feature market rental prices that are lower than in most parts of the city to provide a way that any renter can lower monthly expenses,” a source from the company said.

The available Jacksonville rental properties that are listed on the JWB website now join the other homes that are owned by this company in the surrounding areas of the city. The Northside, Westside and Southside properties that are featured online is expected to expand the housing solutions for the public.

“The tools that we offer on our website are designed exclusively for the public to make research easier and faster during the homes for rent research process,” the source added.

New technologies that are currently installed on the JWB Rental Homes website feature systems for customer service to help new or existing renters. A chat style system is now configured to provide instant information when consumers visit the company website to learn about rentals offered.


The company currently sells and rents more than 100 properties in the north Florida area direct to consumers. This company has a dedicated staff who now assist all people through online and offline contact systems. The website has been improved to include many new features in 2013. The ability for consumers to chat directly with company associates is a new feature online. The company inventory is available for viewing and all pricing information is promoted to buyers and renters online to assist with the research process.

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