I had a cancer when I was 12 and I …

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I had a cancer when I was 12 and I was completly healty.

I can tell you why I had a cancer, it’s all because of emotions and psychological.

I’ll explain what happen the best I can:

I was young and my way of thinking was a bit different. You see, I was thinking that my parents hated me and all my family too. I was afraid of talking to them, afraid of taking food out of the fridge, afraid of simple things. Afraid of showing my emotions to them and being my real self. Of course, I didn’t loved my self.

So, at 12, in sixth grade in elementary school, I got ill. It was because I had really good friends that year, I was really having fun and everything was great. I began to be myself, changing my way of thinking about everything. But, you see, my negatives thoughts add to get away from me once and for all.

Let’s say my negatives thoughts was so huge, so deep, so present, that they needed to just go. And since I never cried about my fear or talked about it, those thoughts never got away from me. And so, the only way it could, way physically.

And so, a began to develop a cancer. That masse was all my negatives thoughts and now they are for away from me, I’m not afraid of my parents and I’m not as sad, depressed, angry like before. I am cured now, cured of my own confused self.

That is one of the ways to develop a cancer, I don’t wish that for anyone.


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