Finding real estate funds that aren't laggards

Finding real estate funds that aren't laggards
One of the classic lines about real estate is that it will always rise in value because they aren't making any more of it. But it's not an argument that holds up for long. Real estate booms and busts have been part of the American financial landscape …
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Real Estate Developers Adopt New Approaches
In a bear market, most developers are not inclined to hibernate like bears as a strategy for self-preservation. Be they a Macklowe, Zeckendorf, Trump or Barnett, their modus operandi borrows from feline superstition: if they have nine lives, they're …
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Ask a real estate pro: HOAs charging advance fees to avoid shortfalls
A: During the real estate bust, a lot of homeowners stopped paying their HOA dues, leading to associations becoming dangerously low on funds. Over the years, associations and lawmakers have responded with new methods to collect dues and protect the …
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Real Estate Q & A
A. “It depends,” said Lucas A. Ferrara, a Manhattan real estate lawyer and an adjunct professor of law at New York Law School. Under state law, he said, a “preferential rent” — an amount below what an owner could legally charge a regulated tenant …
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