Wow, i disagree, i go to college and ive learnt …

Comment on How can education be so much more expensive nowadays when the students are barely learning anything? by scott.

wow, i disagree, i go to college and ive learnt a lot, so have most of the people at my college, it might just be that you area is populated by idiots

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I love this book. It’s brilliant to me.!

Automotive Electrical System Basics – EricTheCarGuy
Hi, Can I make my car alternator more powerful for example, if it is 90amps, can I change it to 110amps?
Would it damage any electrical system or other?
If I change it, would it be better or make no difference? Because my car is a BMW e46 316i 2004 and I feel like it doesn’t have enough power but I’m not sure if the alternator is 90 or 110 but i predict its 90amps.

Michael Learns To Rock – The Actor
thx for upload….. I love this…

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