Technology can be regarded as a use of knowledge and tools As well as systems in performing a given duty to produce a better results in an easy way. Technology can also be said is a use of materials to perform a duty and the results in a more convenient manner. Technology has an effect on the way human does his job and also in ability on how he would adapt to his environment. The use of technology begun with the use of natural resources to make simple tools that were used to make work easy and have a control on what is being done. Technology has benefits to human and his working environment.

Benefits of technology

There are several benefits that are associated with technology and have helped in different ways in performing different tasks in different fields. Most companies are concentration on advancing their technology so as they can be able to have better income and improve performance in different fields of work.

Technology has helped in different fields in the company including networking. Initially, networking was done manually with use of connecting cables but now, with advancement of technology, it has become possible to have wireless connectivity of networks (Ambrose, 2001). This may include the LAN (Local area networking) or the WAN (Wide area networking). With proper implementation of networking technology, it provides unique capabilities to the users as well as the administrators. There are association of network and software. They work together to provide connections of different networks which in turn have become beneficial to all who uses the implemented network (Ruth, 1999).

Computers have helped in different ways. Initially, for example, mails were just sent on written form on papers, but with the advancement of technology and software, it has become possible for people to send electronic mails over the internet which is fast and instant, provided the send and the receiver are interconnected and they have the required infrastructure. The network technology have shortened the distance between the sender and the receiver of information, for instance, with a computer and internet connections and live chat software, it has been possible to have a live chat between individuals no matter the distance and in some cases an online conferencing (Frank, 2007).

Technology has also made it possible for sharing hardware in the organization. For instance, an organization may have different individuals on computers and in different departments are able to use one printer. This is a benefit of networking in an organization which was initially done through either connecting the printer to the processing computer or save the data to be printed to a portable devise and use the connected computer to print the document.

Networking technology has on the other hand helped in data management. The data that has been store in the system is easily accessible from anywhere by the users. This helps in managing data as it can be edited, improved or added from any corner provided there is connection. Initially, it was hard to manage data outside the organization as this was only done in a specific computer (Oakley, 1976).


Technology has really changed how work is done. Through the technology, most jobs are well done and take shorter duration than before the inclusion of technology in the work. It has helped save space as there are some of the devises that are being shared probably by the whole organization. Technology has made work easy and fast. With technology, time management has become very possible

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