Infinite Skills Learning CSS with {LESS} Teaches How to Streamline Web Design with CSS Preprocessing Language

(PRWEB) November 06, 2013

Software training firm Infinite Skills Inc. last week introduced its Learning CSS with {LESS}, a course designed for website designers using CSS who are interested in streamlining the design process, particularly with large websites.

Leaner CSS {LESS}, is a preprocessor designed to make it easier to build and update CSS documents. It contains five mechanisms, variables, mixins, functions, operations, and nesting capabilities, as well as real-time compilation in the browser. {LESS} can be run on the client side or server side, or compiled into plain CSS for faster end-user loading.

Infinite Skills Learning CSS with {LESS} offers a concise training guide to help students begin using this powerful tool in a matter of hours.

Learning CSS with {LESS} Video Training – Streaming

Course author Walter Wimberly has been teaching for 14 years both in classroom as a college professor, and remotely online and through computer-based training. Wimberlys primary expertise is in front-end design using CSS, JavaScript and {LESS}. He has also taught in PHP, ASP.NEt, social media, and other topics in web technology.

Following a brief introduction to {LESS}, Wimberly begins explaining how to build {LESS} files, covering the importing process, and walking users through starting a basic {LESS} file.

Wimberly then explains how to build consistent values, including how to modify the value and scope of a variable, as well as how to use mixins, and identify syntax errors.

As the course continues, Wimberly covers nesting, and how to use nesting with multiple selectors and pseudo-classes; and then moves on to cover functions and operations, including using defined {LESS} functions in color and math.

The course concludes with a chapter on compiling {LESS} to CSS for faster loading by the end-user browser.

Especially for large and complicated stylesheets, {LESS} is great for finding ways to make it easier to create and update, Wimberly explains. {LESS} makes building complex websites faster and easier than ever before.

Free demo videos and a full list of course contents can be found on the Learning CSS with {LESS} training page of the InfiniteSkills website:

InfiniteSkills offers its Learning CSS with {LESS} Training Video either as a DVD or a direct download from the company website at a retail price of $ 24.95. Though the compatibility of programs varies, all InfiniteSkills titles and formats are compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, and shipping is available around the globe. Additionally, InfiniteSkills tutorials are supported by project files which correspond to examples in the videos.

About Infinite Skills Inc.

A leader in the field of software training, Infinite Skills designs its courses on a task-oriented model, teaching complex skills by providing hands-on examples and guiding users as they carry out essential functions. Infinite Skills offers a wide range of software titles available as DVDs, digital downloads, and in iPad editions. Infinite Skills now offers a subscription service, providing access to all its training content for a monthly fee, keeping with company’s aim of delivering professional training to customers anywhere they want to learn.

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