Business Coach Louisa Chan Launches New Book to Help Heart-Centered Coaches and Trainers Start Ethical and Rewarding Online Businesses

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (PRWEB) November 07, 2013

Heart-centered business coach Louisa Chan today announces the launch of her new book “Teach Online” to help coaches and trainers start meaningful online businesses, allowing them to multiply their talents and make a positive impact through the work that they are passionate about. The Kindle edition of the book is available now on Amazon, details can be found at

Discussing the launch of her new book, Teach Online: Multiply Your Talents, Make A Difference With Your Heart-Centered Business, Ms. Chan shared why it is important to multiply our talents. She also explained how we can do that by using a practical business model, one that enables teachers and trainers to use their existing skills to impact more lives while operating an authentic business, in line with their purpose, from home.

When asked about her reasons for writing the book, Ms. Chan explained “It can be challenging for coaches, trainers and thought leaders to find a business model that allows them a rewarding income while serving the needs of others in an ethical, heart-centered way.”

Louisas new book shows how teaching and coaching online is a viable business with great potential. She also offers easy-to-implement advice for coaches and trainers to set up businesses that are in line with their fundamental values, so that they can maintain their ethical integrity and live authentic, purposeful lives.

As part of her entrepreneurial journey Louisa experimented with different business models, trying to blend living her purpose and having a rewarding income. She offers insight based on her years of experience with heart-centered business and online business training:

There isnt any one right, one-size-fits-all way to start a heart-centered online teaching business. But in my book I show simple but essential systems and structures, which can easily be put in place to help coaches and trainers leverage their limited time and resources so their home-based business can scale. Louisa added:

However, even with the best business strategies and systems in place, it will be difficult for the business to take off if the business owners do not know how to overcome limiting self-talk and nurture healthy and productive mindsets.

That is why Ms. Chan developed an online mindset assessment for heart-centered professionals to discover which of their beliefs are supporting their quest to start an online training business and which of their mindsets may be preventing them from living their true purpose. This complimentary assessment is available now at Louisas website:

Louisa concluded the interview by saying, It is my hope that this book will offer the practical guidance that heart-centered professionals need to start their own profitable online teaching business and have the time and financial freedom to further their mission.

About Louisa Chan:

Louisa Chan is a well-established, accredited business coach and trainer and has provided consulting services to big brands and multinational companies in various countries across Asia.

Louisa helps mindful professionals establish and grow successful heart-centered businesses through effective online marketing. Currently based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Louisa holds in-person corporate training events and provides online coaching for trainers, teachers and coaches worldwide.

Visit Louisa Chan’s website for more information.

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