The Top scorer team qualified for football world cup

The Top scorer team qualifies for the FIFA world cup. The process of qualifying for the upcoming world cup starts after the end of the last world cup. In the duration of the next world cup the team plays the matching each other or in different tournaments. However, which team win the most matches and loses a few matches that team qualify for the upcoming world cup. This is the simple process for qualifying for the world CUP 2014.

In this WM 2014 Spielplan there are 9 groups and each group consist of the six teams. In the six-team group, two high point teams included for making the match difficult for the low points teams.  According to the FIFA world cup 2014 schedule, it has proved that every low point team has to face the high point team in the FIFA WM 2014. The top scorer teams keep the 10 to 19 points for being the top most scorer teams in the FIFA world cup. Belgium is included in the Group A and Belgium keeps the highest points in the all team 19.

However, only those teams are included with the weakest team, which has the 10 or more than 10 points. In the previous matches. There are the five best teams, which has qualified early due to their high point. The Brazil has won the five FIFA world cup previously. After the Brazil Italy comes that has won the four FIFA world cups. Germany has won the three FIFA world cups. Argentina has won two world cups. England has won the one world cup. Spain has won the one world cup however; these are the power full team that can beat anytime in the tournament therefore, every team is getting prepared for the world cup 2014.

The rest of the team can also win the world cup 2014 but the probability says this team going to give hard time to other teams. They have experienced the victory and they will try to maintain their victory. Therefore, this world cup 2014 has held in the Brazil, the Brazil has already won the five-world cup, and in their home ground, they will win this world cup as well.

In the world cup 2014 schedule, you can find the teams in the groups. However, each team will work hard to get their team in the final of the world cup 2014.

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