Some Simple but Effective Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy


Since bad oral health affects your overall health, it is must for you to take care of your oral health and keep it in good condition at any cast. Interestingly, keeping your oral health is very simple. You can protect your teeth and gums in good condition by following some very basic things in your mind that we are going to tell you in the article.


Don’t forget to brush your teeth after your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Brushing will not let bacteria make your teeth and gums their home. So, your teeth and gums will be safe from damages that bacteria cause. Brush your teeth minimum for three to four minutes each time. Instead of using a normal toothbrush, use an electric toothbrush.

Use toothpaste that has got approval from American Dental Association.


Floss your teeth before going to bed at the night. Nylon thread can be best for this purpose. Apply the thread gently on gums and teeth. You may experience bleeding initially, but you need not worry about this thing since it is quite normal that happens with almost everyone. Keep one thing into your account that do it properly after taking ideas from a dentist located around the corner.

Get Rid of Dry Mouth-

Dryness in your mouth may happen due to sickness or side effect of any medicine. The best way to get rid of dryness would be using things that can stimulate production of salvia in your mouth.

Keep Your Tongue Clean-

Do proper attention to cleaning of your tongue. When you clean your tongue properly, you succeed to avoid bacteria that may cause problem for your oral health. Cleaning your tongue when you brush your teeth may be a good option.

Avoid Sugary Food:

Don’t take sugary food in heavy quantity. They not only cause diabetes but also harm your oral health. And whenever you eat sugary foods like chocolates, candies, tea, coffee…don’t forget to gargle.

Avoid Tobacco Products:

Don’t consume tobacco based products like cigar and cigarette at all. These products leave stains on your teeth. They cause bad breathe. Most shockingly, they may cause oral cancer.

Since adherence with these simple dental care tips will help you a lot to ensure good oral health, do think seriously about them. If you need suggestions as per your specific requirements, visit Dental Essence that specializes in all forms of dentistry, including Teeth Whitening and Dental Implants Essendon.

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