What education do you need to illustrate anatomy books?

Question by Susan Pevensie: What education do you need to illustrate anatomy books?
What education do you need for medical illustration? I am getting a bachaslors degree in fine arts but I think medical illustration they need a medical training they probably don’t only Judge on portfolio.

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Answer by Love.Canada
with modern photography, plus the human body doesn’t change much, I can’t see much demand…

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  • November 8, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    A degree in Biology with an interest (or experience) in forensic or health sciences is what you basically need to consider a medical illustration career. It is unlikely that you’ll be hired to illustrate anatomy books because those have already been done.

    However, there are others areas where medical illustrators / 2D & 3D modelers / digital animators are employed including advertising, television, patient education, medical journals, veterinary, dental, and legal markets, forensic investigation, interactive anatomy course development and medical trade shows. These are all contemporary offshoots of the core medical illustration career.

    Of course, you will need a strong understanding of human anatomy and physiology to work in any of these fields. It’s a required education and starts with a good A&P textbook.

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