Parrots make terrible pets, warns new PBS documentary

Parrots make terrible pets, warns new PBS documentary
In "Parrot Confidential," the award-winning series lays out the facts. For a whole lot of reasons, it's a terrible idea. Large parrots can live 80-90 years. They require an enormous commitment of time, effort and money. They're loud. They're dangerous …
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Thanksgiving with pets: a blessing or a curse? Tips to keep every "body" happy
On the flip side, guests who enjoy pets may prefer their company over the humans and overindulge your pets with food, encourage “lap visits” and other behaviors that lead to spilled drinks, stolen appetizers and a four-legged pest throughout the meal.

Man Mauled By Pet Deer Swears Off Keeping Them As Pets
Understandably, Dunsmore commented that he will never again keep deer as pets. It's a good lesson to learn, though one we're sure we didn't need to test out to make sure. The man added, “People need to know that these things are dangerous. You never …
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