How six sigma drives process excellence

One of the best ways to understand any concept is to go through real life case studies and white papers. Today the internet has made it very easy for you to download free case studies and white papers on all conceivable topics. For example, if you want to know how six sigma drives process excellence all you need to do is download the right case studies. For more information on this you can also visit select websites that are specialists of six sigma.


In order to remain competitive in the global business market businesses need to constantly improve productivity to maintain the rapid pace of growth. Businesses today need to produce more and need to produce faster. Hence, the requirement is for processes that can be quickly designed and developed and implemented in the production cycle. At the same time one needs to ensure that the efficiency and effectiveness of the new processes can be measured. This is what is possible through the six sigma model and this is how six sigma drives process excellence.


Often people think that six sigma drives process excellence only when there is a problem or an issue. But this is not the case all the time. Six sigma can be used for improvements and this is what someone should be aiming at. For example, if someone wants to improve their customer service they need not wait for customer complaints to fly in. They can choose to be proactive and this will ensure customer delight. This will be driving process excellence for sure and six sigma can be used here.


For more information on how six sigma can drive process excellence you can go through various online resources. Keep in mind that through six sigma implementation one can do a variety of analyses – 1. Leverage tools that are already existing; 2. Integrate with existing processes; 3. Adapt to constantly changing business environments; 4. Streamline the activity flow and 5. Provide standard ways of working in a process and reduce the occurrences of variables.


Six sigma has five phases – define, measure, analyze, improve and control. Together they go by the acronym DMAIC. To implement six sigma a team of experts takes a process and improves it by following these phases in the order they appear, i.e. D-M-A-I-C. A problem statement is first identified for an existing process, data about the current process is collected and analyzed, a solution for process improvement is arrived at and implemented and then the new process is controlled using data and reports. This is when six sigma drives process excellence because this is what it’s intended for.


One doesn’t learn six sigma just like that. For someone to work so that six sigma drives process excellence they need to be certified. For more information on how to get certified check out the various professional training institutes that impart training and certification. You can find out about these training institutes online and contract them for certifying your employees at your own convenience.


Six sigma is something that drives operational excellence without fail. For more information on how it works visit the right website.

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