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1. What are some of the criteria that will help you select the best interstate removalists? Are you going to shift your home or office soon? If your answer is yes to this question, then it’s a given that the entire process will be time consuming and thoroughly tiring. For instance, you will have to wind up all your pending bills at your current location, disassemble your furniture, sort your other belongings into fragile and non-fragile items and then pack them a lot of efforts. And the task doesn’t end here, you also have to buy packaging materials, arrange for transport and chalk out a plan so that you can relocate to the new state securely and safely with all your valuables intact. Phew! This seems like so much hassle isn’t it? This is why a number of people are making a smart move by hiring interstate removalists in Perth and other parts of Australia. Although there are numerous such firms in and around Perth, which offer more or less the same sort of services, you must keep certain criteria in mind before selecting a firm for your office or home removals. So, what exactly are these criteria? Let us take a look: What is their total experience: While choosing any removalist company, ask them how long they have been doing this business? You will get this information from their website (that is if they have one) or get in touch with them directly for the same. Do not select a removalist firm if it doesn’t have at least 3-5 years of experience. What are the services provided: This criterion may look trivial to you, but it is not so. Every firm has a different set of services and packages for removal services. So, you must see which firm provides services, which aptly meets your requirements. For instance, if you need container removal services, then find out whether the company provides container transport as a part of its services or not. What quotes do they offer: Always make it a point to ask the removalist company for quotes? This will help you check whether your budget permits you to hire their services or not. I am sure that all companies will be more than happy to provide you a free quote. Again, you can avail the quotes by visiting their website and taking a call to action or simply calling them up to know it. Are there any additional costs: There are many firms, which do not include certain costs like that of the packaging material, manual labour, taxes et al as a part of their quotation. They charge the same in the end, when you have to make the final payment. If you want to avoid such unexpected blows, then make sure you confirm with the company representatives that whether they have included all the costs in the quote or not.

2. Will they provide insurance: Many firms offer insurance for removal services under specific insurance cover. Hence, ask the firms you approach whether or not they provide insurance cover for your goods or not. This way, you needn’t constantly worry about your valuables getting damaged accidentally or otherwise during the entire shifting process. So, these are some of the criteria that will help you choose the best interstate removalist firm when you are moving to Perth or any other state in Australia. I hope that they will be beneficial to you when you start your shifting process. All the best!

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