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Process improvements don’t happen just like that. When your organization realizes that there is a problem somewhere and a process improvement is required the most sensible course of action is to run the process through six sigma process excellence. But for this you need certified employees in your organization. Certification can be got when your select employees go through DMAIC training. And once you have a bunch of employees certified download minitab trial and you will make it easier for them to implement six sigma in process improvement.



Six sigma process improvement is all about analyzing a whole lot of statistical data. This is especially true in the measure phase of the project. During the measure phase data about the existing process(es) is collected to see where the current process stands in terms of performance. Needless to say one cannot stop by just collecting data because the analysis phase is all about analyzing the collected data. The data has to be looked at in different ways, various patters need to be seen and only then can one expect to move to the improve phase.


In order to be able to collect and analyze data one needs to know about how the entire six sigma process runs. DMAIC may look easy on paper but there are so many possible tools to use and implement that a wrong selection of tool may end up delaying the project and spike up cost. This is something that one cannot afford. For this purpose you need someone who is six sigma certified. And six sigma certification can only be got through professional DMAIC training. There are many organizations that select one or two employees to undergo DMAIC training so that they become six sigma black belt certified. These employees then, in turn, train other employees and certify them.


For training the first couple of employees you need a specialist in six sigma training. Various organizations in the country have this capability where they can run six sigma training for your employees. You can deiced on the mode of training and they should be able to manage it for you. Some of them allow you to download minitab trial that can be used by your certified employees to make the six sigma project easier to implement.


Minitab is a software application that is used by certified six sigma professionals. Minitab is mainly used during the measure and the analyze phases. Once data is collected from an existing process it is fed into the minitab software application. Various permutations and combinations can be run on this data so that different patterns emerge. At the end of it one can get the desired answer to the problem statement. When you download minitab trial you save many man-hours and also make it easier for your employees to work. Once you are satisfied with the trial version you can order a full version.


Summary – have your employees go through DMAIC training and download minitab trial for them. See how your project succeeds.


Let your select employees go through DMAIC training. Download minitab trial and let them use it. You will see immediate benefits.

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