When you get certified as certified as green belt you start rising in your career

Everyone wants to be a six sigma master black belt holder. This is the pinnacle of achievement for someone who has a career in six sigma. However, the process to get a master black belt is arduous and it takes years of practice and clearing certification processes one after the other. To get certified as a master black belt one needs to go through the levels champion, green belt, yellow belt, brown belt and black belt before being certified a six sigma master black belt holder. An organization with a master black belt employee has that employee managing the project and other lesser certified employees executing it. For someone in the execution task a green belt six sigma training is something that is desired.


When someone goes through the green belt six sigma training and becomes certified they have certain tasks that they need to perform. A green belt holder can actually work as the project leader for smaller and simpler projects but if the project is complex they work as team member. Time commitment to project for a green belt holder is 25%. For someone to move up the six sigma hierarchy a green belt is essential.


When you get certified to be a green belt holder some of the tasks that you are supposed to perform are given below.


You need to review the project charter prepared by the champion and refine it.


As a team leader you are expected to identify your project team members.


You need to constantly communicate with your project team members during the entire duration of the project – champion, black belt and master black belt.


When someone goes through green belt six sigma training and is certified one of their job roles is also to facilitate the execution of the project, manage logistics and schedule meetings as and when required.


Data analysis forms an important part of your job role when you get certified as green belt. Since data analysis is an important part of running a six sigma project one has to be proficient in this matter. Data has to be analyzed and only then the process improvement thinking can kick off.


One of the important tasks for someone that has gone through green belt six sigma training and has been certified is to train other team members.


For complex projects a green belt works with the master black belt to ensure that the project progresses through the requisite phases and every execution is managed on time.


The next stage after green belt certification is yellow belt certification. One can get a yellow belt certification when they get certified as green belt but have not yet completed a six sigma project.


It’s not easy to get certified as green belt because one needs theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience. It can become relatively easier when someone goes through formal green belt six sigma training to get certified. To get the training and certification it’s best to have a professional training institute take over.

If you want to get certified as green belt you need green belt six sigma training from a professional institute.

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