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Every year thousands of people get involved in road accidents in Sydney, majority of them proving to be fatal for both the passengers and the driver. Such accidents are usually caused due to lack of driving experience and knowledge. Most of these accidents could have been easily avoided if the drivers went through a proper training program. For beginners professional driving lessons Sydney are extremely important and can prove to be lifesaving.

During manual driving lessons Sydney, you are imparted both theoretical and practical knowledge. You are taught the capabilities of your car, how to drive in different road conditions and how does your car behave under certain circumstances along with all the necessary traffic rules and road signs. Most of the road accidents happen because the drivers cannot control the vehicle in a problematic situation. The driving school Sydney are dedicated to impart these skills to beginners and provide them with the required experience at very reasonable prices.

Certain things you should know before enrolling in any driving school Sydney:

Before you can begin learning, you must get a provisional driving license. To get this license you have to apply at least 2 weeks before starting your lessons, so that you can get it on time.

Depending upon how quickly you learn and previous driving experience if any the duration of your lessons may vary. A first time driver usually requires anywhere between 20-30 manual driving lessons Sydney before he becomes a proficient driver, however this number usually varies from one person to another.

Prefer learning on a car with manual transmission, as it will help you to drive a car with both types of transmission in the future. However, if you are facing a lot of problems getting accustomed to the gears then you can go for a car with automatic transmission.

The fee for a driving school can be both hourly and fixed. The price is not a measure of the quality of lessons being provided, so make sure that you go for a reputed school. Most good schools offer introductory offers to new drivers.

Any good driving school will have both female and male driving instructors just for your convenience. These instructors go through proper training and have a lot of experience.

If you are a first time driver then enroll yourself for professional driving classes today.


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