Gas stoves or Electric Stoves? – How to choose the right one for your home


Due to the fact that more and more homes have been severely affected by the economical crisis, many people have ended up buying a new stove only when the old one has broken down completely. In addition to that, the main criteria by which they choose their items was the price, but often times what they end up buying is not what their property really needed. There are many benefits associated with owning both a gas stove and an electrical one, but each type is more efficient in a certain household. In this article we will strive to explain how they work, so that when you make your purchase you can wisely pick a product from which you will get positive results in the long run. No matter how attached you may be to one of these two types, you have to understand which one will help you achieve your culinary ambitions and also save some money on utilities.


If you are not quite convinced about what we say, we will start our text by giving you two simple examples which will make you understand why we think gas stoves are better for some people, whereas electric ones may be more appropriated for others. If you ask any chef you can find which one of the two is best, we can guaranty that he or she will tell you gas stoves are preferable because the flame can be adjusted quite easily and adapted accordingly to the type of meal which is being cooked. On the other hand, parents with small children will argue that electric stoves are incomparably safer because they do not represent a hazard for their infants.


So let’s compare the two previously mentioned items so that you can decide what’s best for your property, shall we? As we have previously mentioned, buyers are usually interested about the price at which the object is sold. If this is one of the facts which concern you as well, we would have to say that electric ranges are cheaper because they can be manufactured at a lower price. Another economical advantage of using this type of stove is that it does not require additional investments, as each household is already connected to an electrical system. This is especially great for those homeowners who have solar panels installed because the costs for the electricity bill will be reduced considerably.


The same rule does not apply for gas stoves. To use this type of device you would have to connect it to a gas line, and if you do not have one running through you property already, there will be some extra money you would have to take out of your pocket. However, whatever you spend on your stove and connecting it to the gas line will be compensated for in the long run, as natural gas is inexpensive. This feature makes gas stoves less expensive to run than electric ones. More so, gas stove can last for a life time, unlike the ones using electricity which can be damaged by faulty wiring or power-outs.

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