The Best Footwork is important for training

Rough classification of all martial arts in the Eastern (kung fu, karate) and Western (kick boxing, boxing), and there is a categorization of the fighting styles: standing, parterre fight, styles of throwing and knocking, the styles are based on the use of firearms, with styles minimal use of force or internal styles and complex styles. Some are very popular, and most other people have not even heard of. A common feature of all is the development of different fighting techniques.

Although it can be studied from various points all have the same goal: to win the opponent or defend themselves and others from physical threat. We want to experience the martial arts as self-improvement, and one way of uniting mind and body for the sake of preserving peace, not as a violent struggle and injuries.

All practitioners of martial arts know one thing-how important footwork, and how important a strong, fast and functional way prepared legs. In addition to weight exercises for the legs, in the world of martial arts and sports (and other sports) rain is extremely widespread. Justified or not?

The reason to work on running in a martial art aims to better fit and easier legs to move any easier during the battle. Fitness is a broad term, and for light and quick feet to take the first couple of things to consider. In the first place the energy consumption in the martial arts. What energy is predominantly released? It is a combination of anaerobic-aerobic regime. Closer when we have determined, we could say that the general characteristics of explosive-speed-endurance. IE, quick and explosive movements that are short in duration and often long and repeated throughout the fight.

If you know it, and we consider as a leading star in a programming athletic performance for martial arts / sports, then it is clear that conceptualized and just running. If you run long intervals often, slow tempo then develops endurance. And we said that we need to borilčke skills explosively-speed-endurance. Marathon training will (in the long run) provide what we need here.

How to use running to najefektiniji ways in martial arts? Start with less distance and greater intensity running. Semi-sprint training is very effective in this case. Performing short sprints, with a greater number of repetitions odgovarara explosively-speed-durable operation. Sam startability sprint gives explosive moment, frequency speed steps, a larger number of repetitive sprints contribute to specific endurance.


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