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There are many different services to help you get around Brisbane. Scoot2you is definitely in the top for quality service at a reasonable price. It was started in 2007 by two financial advisors and one engineer. The best thing they offer is called the “you drink we drive” service. It goes to show that they are always available. Scoot2you has since grown and now offers a few more services.
• They can pick you up or drop you off at the airport on your schedule. If you have guests flying in, you can send them to pick them up.

• As part on the “you drink we drive,” offers you a way to go out and enjoy your night on the town. You can have comfort and ease of riding in your own car at the end of your night. You don’t have to be standing outside of a bar waiting on a ride, therefore it is a safer and more reliable. You can even arrange for them to take you to your car the next day. At Scoot2you, they a chauffeur that will arrive promptly on one of their Italian scooters, place it in the car, and drive to your desired location.
• They also offer Limousine Services that allow you to ride in style and be the envy of all. Scoot2you owns a Chrysler 300C Executive Limousine.
Scoot2you is a large company that allows different schedules to facilitate all the needs itscustomers may have. They ensure that every vehicle is maintained, serviced, managed in a regular manner. They can provide you with registration to give you proof of safety and to ensure they are legal. They can also give dates to verify general maintenance and kilometers each vehicle has traveled.
Scoot2you offers a membership package to ensure the best range of savings. By being a member you can reap all the benefits those they offer.Membership fee is $50 per year and benefits you will enjoy include:
• Ten percent discount on all booking
• Exclusive savings and rewards.
• Membership card
• VIP bookings
• You can book parties for friends.
• Free vouchers for your birthday and Christmas
It is simple to become a member. You can apply online, in person, or by phone. They accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Scoot2you recently opened a new office in Brisbane to allow more options and less wait time for their clients. You are invited to contact them through their website or by phone, which you can also get off of their website (1300 2 72 668)If you wish you can send your payment to Commonwealth bank, Scoot2you Pty Ltd by Bank transfer to BSB number 638-060 Account number 10967095.
Scoot2you is by far a unique, one of a kind, service. I encourage you to call them when you find you have had too many drinks to be driving, when you need a ride to or from the airport, or simply when you wish to have someone picked up.

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