Hormone Replacement Therapy for Memory Loss

An inability to recall past events is known as memory loss. It might be temporary or permanent. It is a quite common problem in most of the aging people. You may not have to go far away in order to get a person who is suffering from this disorder. If you see your aging neighbors or relatives, you will easily get minimum one person suffering from the problem of memory loss. Besides, a person suffering from severe emotional trauma or brain damage may also be seen suffering from the problem of forgetfulness.

Immediate memory loss, short term memory loss, and long term memory loss are the categories in which memory loss has been separated.

When you want to mention any past event of your life but become unable to recall the event but after some time you easily recall that event, doctors call it short term memory loss.

When you try to recall an event that is related to distant past and you find it very much difficult to recall that, it is called long term memory loss in the language of medical professionals.

When you forget anything that has happened recently, it is known as immediate memory loss.

Here are some of the causes of memory loss:

1-       Insuffiency of thiamine, vitamin B12 and protein in your body may be a cause of this problem.

2-       Loss of memory may occur owing to mental stress and depression. However, this is a treatable condition.

3-       After the age of 25, your body ends developing new cells to replace old ones. Therefore, when you touch the age of seventy, you will most probably lose one-third of your memory.

4-       Free radicals also cause loss of memory. The free radical molecules destabilize other normal molecules. This destabilization results in damage blood-brain barrier that damages brain.

5-       Emotional stress increases the release of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Their continuous release causes loss of memory.

6-       Women often suffer from this problem due to low estrogen levels.

7-       A person whose brain has seriously been injured in an accident can also suffer from the problem of memory loss.

In order to overcome hormone-related memory loss, you may go for hormone replacement therapy. This therapy will manage and stabilize the level of estrogen and stress hormones in your body. This will help you get rid of the problem of forgetfulness to a great extent.

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