4 Crucial Tips to Choose Best Bushcraft Knives

Investing in bush craft knives is always a good idea, if you are looking for the best survival tool in the wilderness. They are sturdy and sharp knives for hunting and survival needs.


Bushcraft knives are quite handy for fishing, hunting, camping, survival and even household needs. Although you can use them for multiple applications, they are much suitable for survival and hunting needs. They give you courage and skill to save yourself in the wilderness of the forest. Imagine yourself in a survival situation. Perhaps you may get injured on a solo hunting trip or may become disoriented, while walking through a forest and get lost. You may come across several dreadful and ferocious animals, which might attack you. In all these situations a good bush craft knife will give a fighting chance. Here, we discuss some important tips to help you choose the best survival knives.

Fixed Knives vs. Folding Knives: Which One to Select?

When it comes to choosing bushcraft knives, they are available in a wide variety. But one thing that you will notice about almost all survival knives is that they’re all fixed blades. The reason? A fixed-blade knife has no moving parts. It is sturdy and less likely to break. While on the other hand, a folding blade cannot withstand stronger force and will succumb to pressure by breaking. Hunters these days use both- folding knives for smaller tasks and fixed blade knives for big games.



Determine Ideal Buscraft Knife Blade Length?

The blade length of bush craft survival blade may range anywhere from four inches to even eight inches. Though most survival experts feel that the ideal length is somewhere between four and six inches for the blade, it’s a matter of preference. The fact is that a shorter blade can give you more flexibility to do smaller tasks, while a longer blade will give you more power for bigger tasks.



Straight vs. Serrated: Which One to Select?

The next point in the selection of bush craft knives or survival knives is to decide on the perfect survival knife. Whether it is good to have straight or serrated depends on the matter of your choice.

Serrated blades come in handy when you’re cutting rope and doing other tasks, but it’s very difficult to sharpen them, especially if you’re out in the forest. That’s why a partially-serrated blade or a fully straight-edge knife should be your options, when it comes to having survival knives. Remember, a straight blade is easier to sharpen, and it doesn’t have those limitations imposed by serrations.



Check Quality, Build & Prices

When selecting bush craft knives, it is important to check out their quality. Make sure that they are made with quality bush craft materials so that they work efficiently and serve your purpose. A quality knife will last for long time and keep serving your needs for several years to come. As a buyer, you also need to look into the build of survival knives. Be sure that your knife is affordable and sturdy enough so that it can withstand pressure.



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