What is the difference between a visual communications degree and a regular communications degree?

Question by SweetPeach: What is the difference between a visual communications degree and a regular communications degree?
I also was wondering what can you do with bachelor degrees in these fields? Can a communications degree also be combined with sociology? And if so, which one is best to choose as your major and which one is better suitable for a minor? Thanks for reading and if you know some answers, I would like to hear back from you!

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Answer by Lasey Puget
Visual Communications is basically the new term for graphic design, or it can be a more computer-centered version of graphic design when a university bases their graphic design program more in the fine arts. Visual Communications will require more hands-on training classes such as teaching you the Adobe suite, how to use digital cameras and camcorders, how to design web sites and the principles of visual design.

Communications is a study of communication in general and can encompass speech, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication and mass communication. Most of your classes in this field will be theoretical in nature but some programs may include Mass Communications training such as learning broadcast production or newspaper writing. Some schools have a separate Mass Communication or Journalism program and some put it all under Communications.

Sociology is a great compliment to any department in the field of Communication, as both deal with human interactions. In fact, when I went back to school to become an instructor and found that I had too many classes under my AA program to major in Communications, I decided to go with sociology to complete my BA. I would suggest it for you as a minor or even second major.

Communication is a relatively new and rapidly changing discipline and programs vary from school to school so I would go to the website of the school you are looking at and see what classes are offered under each program to get a sense of how they define Communication.

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