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We are tax accountants and tax advisors that includes firm of specialized business advisors. Our clients include self-employed small businesses and private clients to smaller and medium sized businesses. We believe in providing practical advice including compliance support to businesses in all areas of taxes and accounting

We off advice so that businesses can concentrate on their core strengths. We strive to help them build sustainable businesses. We aim to add value to businesses. Whether you are an owner-managed one to medium-sized investor-funded enterprise we try to encourage them to focus on their key values. We provide a wide range of accounting and tax services to our clients. Our advisory services include providing tax advice and practical business advice and longer-term sustainability. From Our compliance services whether related to accounting, tax or VAT can be tailored to suit smaller business needs. We work with every budget so that we can be cost effective when compared to a full-fledged in-house finance function. Accounting is about being in control of your money. Strong accounting control guarantees financial discipline. Financial discipline is essential business success. While your annual statutory accounts are needed to meet the statutory obligations, accounting reports collected and prepared in a commercially focused way can give you valuable information that will help you take the right decisions towards the way you want to gear your company in the future.

Being professionally qualified accountants we can help you take control of your accounting and finances. We provide efficient accounting services. For smaller businesses we offer a comprehensive package that includes bookkeeping services, year-end accounts and management accounts among more necessary and essential services. For medium sized businesses we offer services that may suit more complex situations.

We also offer UK tax advice. Private companies in the UK are not required to have a company secretary but are required to have one director during its lifetime. Public Companies are required, on the other hand, to have a minimum of two directors and must have a company secretary. The company secretary of a public limited company must be experienced as a secretary in accounting services.

Some of service we provide by acting as your company secretary are acting as you agent for serving notices. We can declare dividends for you. We can alter memos and articles of association. We can make it our job to maintain your statutory registers and minutes of your statutory meetings. We can be counted on to file all necessary accounts, forms and returns on the public records. Passing resolutions for Board, General meetings and filing can be done as well as attending Board and General meetings and taking minutes. We can help in the effecting changes in directors, the accounting year and the registered office. We offer technical advice as well as tax advice.

Whether your tax needs are for your company or for you own personal needs we can help you on your budget. Please contact us for a free initial consultation on your schedule.

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