B and B Chichester versus hotels


A B and B Petworth or Accommodation West Sussex is a small dwelling that provides accommodation (“bed”), and a nice meal in the morning (“breakfast”). In most cases, no other meals are served at a bed and breakfast, unless established differently with the hosts. Generally, this kind of dwelling has less than 10 rooms.


A hotel, on the other hand, is a large lodging establishment that provides accommodation. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are also provided, but you need to pay for them, because they are not included in the overall cost of the stay. Meals can be included in the price, if the tourist opts for an all-inclusive program.


A B and B Petworth or Accommodation West Sussex is usually more appealing to couples that want to cater for themselves and enjoy a more relaxed time. Because this kind of establishment has just several rooms to use for commercial purposes, not like a hotel, that can have thousands of rooms to offer to their guests, bed and breakfasts are usually quieter.


Another difference between a bed and breakfast and a hotel is represented by the services provided by the management to their guests. At a hotel, you would never see a hotel manager cooking for you, placing red roses on your pillows, or inviting you to taste an old wine with him. Well, at a bed and breakfast, you could benefit from all of these and many other personalised services.


Hotels may be better in terms of luxury facilities, such as jacuzzi bathtubs, fitness centres, childcare services, swimming pools, conference rooms, but they lack the personal touch that a bed and breakfast provides. Bed and breakfasts charm their guests through the customised amenities they offer, such as homemade cookies, rosebuds on pillows, or local trips guided by the bed and breakfast owners themselves.


Differences between bed and breakfasts and hotels also reside in the cost supported by tourists. Usually, hotels offer more luxury than a bed and breakfast, therefore, they are more expensive. It is up to the tourists to decide what type of lodging best suits their travelling needs. Hotels are chosen by business people, large groups or families with children, whereas bed and breakfasts are selected by couples who seek for a romantic escapade.


In terms of employees, hotels benefit from a large number of people performing all sorts of activities, from cleaning or cooking to welcoming guests or parking cars. Hotels that are part of a chain can have thousands of employees. In comparison, bed and breakfasts are private houses managed and entirely maintained by their owners.

Looking for a memorable adventure in South-East England? Consider a Accommodation West Sussex or B and B Petworth. This kind of lodging establishment is designed to provide a cosy stay and allow you to cater for yourself, delivering a homey experience. If you want all that, contact us today. Our lovely cottage is perfect for all those who like to explore new lands and seek for a home away from home. Our breakfast is included in the price and always tasty, the cottage is several minutes away from the most important attractions in the area, and the garden that surrounds the cottage is full of charm. Do not forget to take your camera with you.

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