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When you want to use mobile analytics open source in order to get more details about the app you use in order to promote your business, you have to take the time in order to choose the best. You may not know a lot of things about how you can separate the best from the rest, but if you want to make a safe bet, you can check out the features first.


The more features you are able to get out of the mobile analytics open source, the surer you will be you have made the right choice. The list can be quite long if you want to be sure you will get a proper result, but you need to focus on a few of them that you will rely on. Here are a few examples of the things you will be able to get out of it.


One of the first aspects you need to worry about is how efficient the distribution channels are. The mobile analytics open source will offer you statistics on this so you can find out which one of the best, but it will also show you the behavior of the users that turn to it. These are the ones that will influence the choices you will make in the future.


The more it will analyze the behavior of the users, the more conclusions it is able to draw out of it and so the mobile app analytics will offer you a detailed report back with all the answers you may be looking for. Each of the answers will offer you an idea about how you can make the app better and more suited for the people who will use it.


The devices used in order to make the most of the app you have launched are very important as well. The mobile app analytics is going to offer you a report of all the gadgets that have used it and the properties they show as well. This will also show you what you need to focus on and what people are more likely to use your app on their gadgets.


Even if the app has been tested before it was launched and there were no glitches with it, there may be a lot of times when it will crash and as a result the mobile app analytics will send you a report with all the events of this nature. It will show you all the things that went wrong and how you can fix them if the problem occurred more than once.


There are a lot of other features you will be able to make the most of when it comes to an analytic tool of your app, but you have to be sure you will find the one that will rise up to the task. If you want to get the answers you want to find as fast as possible, the first site you need to visit in order to satisfy your needs can be found only at

Mobile analytics open source is a tool that is able to offer you different reports and statistics about your app. These are very important and they will help you realize what the user wants and then you can modify the app based on what the mobile app analytics have to offer.

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