Favour boxes – a popular wedding gift


Who says only guests get to make presents on a wedding day? Weddings are enjoyable for everyone, both the couple getting married (especially them) and the relatives and friends that are attending the wedding. It’s a tradition that guests offer the new pair something valuable, but it’s just as familiar for the bride and groom to present each guest with their own favour boxes – a small gift to remind them of the wonderful moment they shared with the new couple.


Now, the agency you work with in organizing your wedding (if you have one) might be offering your favour boxes in their offer, but you can also choose some online wedding accessories suppliers. The great advantage is that you get to see lots of designs and great concepts for favour boxes, invitations, guest books etc. Online you can find suppliers which offer not only favours, but also card blanks and all that involves paper presentation and packaging for the wedding. To add a distinctive and stylish note to your wedding, you can even choose handmade products. Handmade wedding invitations or even card blanks for your business are original – you won’t find them at another wedding. You can even choose your own designs, or work on a personal style of invitation, guestbook or whatever it is with the suppliers themselves.


Usually, favour boxes are recipients which contain candy, most commonly, but you can step outside the box and think things differently. For example, card blanks can be used as favours, if you print them with a picture of the couple and add them into a small box, next to the candy or the small decorative elements you selected. You can even make a guestbook collage with card blanks, which you can later use to decorate your home, for a personal note and to revive the good memories. As such, you can be as creative as you want when it comes to choosing the accessories for your guests, at the wedding. Candies, sweets, figurines and other ornaments, little bags of tea are used many times to fill these little boxes. You can also solicit only the packaging – the actual boxes – and filling them yourself with what you think you and your guests would enjoy.


What’s great about favours? First, they’re a nice attention that you get from the couple. If they are more valuable, you can even keep them – especially for decoration effect. Favours are very popular because they are cheap – it depends on favours though – and there’s no problem if you get the same thing for everyone. You can diversify if you want, or even organize for the guests to pick up their own favours at the wedding reception. The most convenient is to buy these in bulks; you can find plenty of interesting models and ideas online, or you can just buy the packaging and fill them yourself. Online, you will find companies which offer great solutions for wedding favours and other accessories you will need, at great prices.

Wholesale Favour Boxes filled with candy are a favourite treat for anyone attending a wedding. Use Wholesale card blanks creatively for your wedding.

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