Cake toppers and Kids party supplies

Cake toppers are the decorative items, made of many different types of material (even to the point of being edible), that are placed on top of cakes or cupcakes for all occasions. Usually they are part of the theme of the event or have some unique significance that is apparent to the guests and hosts alike.

Cake toppers can be purchased at an enormous area of merchants, from local grocery stores to Amazon (quite often with free shipping). However, one can take the DIY route and design and assemble their own cake toppers.

In most cases, the individual who wishes to assemble their own cake toppers, they will find that the toothpick, scissors, and glue are required tools. Most of the easiest and quickest cake toppers to assemble you are flags. One can design a message to go on the flag and affix the to the cake with a thick and long toothpick.

For example, on Easter, you could draw bunny heads on thick paper with a tiny Easter message under the bunny’s head, then cut out the head and message as one piece, glue it to a tooth pick and affix it to one side of the cake, while designing eggs of all sorts colored onto thick paper, cutout, affix to a toothpick, and then arrange them on other sections of the cake, while also designing random items that are large enough to act as coverings for the eggs. Of course, you do not want your cake littered with cake toppers, but the idea is to be as creative and unique as possible within t the parameters of a given holiday or personal occasion.

Cake toppers are just that little extra that make the cake all the more festive and pleasing to the eye, mind, and sometimes the tongue.

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