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Keeping young preschoolers occupied can be quite a challenge at times. These Phoenix preschool activities are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face, while providing him or her with the opportunity to learn at the same time. Our Phoenix preschool activities include making paper plate tambourines, baking shape cookies, color spy, and breakfast math! With so many different options, we make finding activities for preschoolers a breeze.

Make Paper Plate Tambourines
Try this quick arts and crafts activity that will produce a homemade paper plate tambourine! All you need is 2 paper plates, a handful of dried beans, a stapler, and supplies to decorate. Set one paper plate on the table and have your child drop a good handful of beans on it. Top with the other plate, and staple the edges of the plates together, making sure the staples are close enough together that no beans can escape! Finally, hand your child the art supplies and let him go crazy with the decorations including stickers, finger paint, even feathers and ribbons.

Bake Shape Cookies
Get your favorite chocolate chip cookies recipe for this fun activity. Rather than just making them traditional style, turn it into a learning game for your preschool by incorporating shapes! Make square, circle, and triangle cookies, and have your child name the shapes as you go! Get creative with this too and make other unique shapes like hearts and stars with your child.

Color Spy
This game can be played either outdoors or in and is tons of fun for Phoenix preschool children. If your preschooler needs help with color recognition, this is just the game for her. All you need is cardstock, scissors and markers. Begin by talking about color with your child, using the markers as a guide. Take each marker out of the package one at a time and ask her to name the colors as you go along. Have your child draw a picture of a flower, plant, or other spring thing on the front of each card, using only one color for each card. Now turn each card over and write the name of the color you used on that card on the back using the same color marker. Now it’s time to play! Take the cards outside. Choose one card and ask your child to name the color, and then turn the card over to reveal the color word. Now look around outside and find something natural (like a tree or flower) that’s the same color as the card.
Once you’ve found something, turn to your child and say, “I spy something with my eye that is the color_____”. Encourage her to try and find the object you chose. Give her descriptive word clues to help point her in the right direction. If she guesses another object that is the right color, let her know that her pick is also correct.

Breakfast Math
Why not start your morning with a little breakfast math? All you need to do is make a game out of counting things on your child’s plate. For example, counting the blueberries on top of your waffle!

At All Saints Episcopal Day School, a Phoenix pre-k, children get to play all of these preschool activities while making new friends and learning important life skills.

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