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A local Chula Vista gold buyer is a great option for quick cash to residents of Chula Vista and the surrounding area. With the increase in the prices of gold and silver selling old coins, jewelry and other household clutter makes a great way to help with the family finances during times of economic stress.  You can cash in that collection of old coins, tarnished silver jewelry or even old wedding bands easily to a Chula Vista gold buyer. You walk in with your old junk, and the clerk will inspect your items and write you a check or give you cash on the spot. Exchanging precious metals for cash has never been easier.  (619)777-6265

San Diego Gold Buyer: Many people have a collection of old coins sitting in a jar or box. What they do not realize is that many old coins are silver. A dime made of silver in worth over two dollars in today’s market, and an old silver quarter is worth over five dollars. The price of silver fluctuates, but the chances that an old silver coin will ever again be worth just 10 or 25 cents is almost nonexistent.  Old wedding bands and engagement rings are another source of potential cash. With many people marrying more than once, it is common to find a wedding band or two lying in your jewelry box. When cash is tight, getting rid of bad memories by trading in those old wedding bands is quite profitable. Gold buyers will be happy to take those old rings away, and you can use the cash to make newer and happier memories.

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You should not worry about whether or not you know your items are actually gold or silver. The nice San Antonio gold buyer that you use will be able to test the items you bring in. If your “gold watch” is gold, they will purchase it. If it is not, all you are out is a little time running into the gold shop. Most gold is marked as such, but sometimes those markings fade or are hard to find. This is where a gold buyer comes in handy. They are pros with the equipment and experience to know what you have even when you do not.  A local San Diego gold buyer takes the stress out of the process for you. You do not have to deal with mail insurance or worrying about getting a good price. Once you find a reputable company, stick with them for all your gold selling needs.

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