Choosing Dog Breeders Bristol One Over the Other

A dog breeder is an individual who whelps, raises, mates and sell puppies. Alternatively, there are diverse types of dog breeders Bristol. The distinction is made on the basis of the care given to the dogs and the miniature Schnauzer pups for sale. The types of the breeders can be divided into four categories namely,

•             Large breeding operations licensed by U.S.D.A (pups mill operations)

•             Hobby breeder

•             Backyard breeder

•             Professional breeder

The last two kinds many times overlap.

The cute puppies you see in the pet stores who are nestled in a high-end mall, have arrived there completely from a different environment. The puppies those who are sold in the pet stores are generally raised in puppy mill operation. The reputable professional or hobby dog breeders Bristol does not prefer to sell the puppies to a broker or store. The second kind of breeder is backyard breeder. Such breeders might or might not raise the puppies in their backyard, but as the name implies, the persons have female dogs and knows someone with male dogs and so they allow them to mate. There are reasons as why this occurs:


•             They possess a dog and want another just like her/him

•             Money making on the other hand

•             Have family members who want a puppy


Unlike the pups licensed mills, the backyard breeders have one or two dogs to take care of. But both the breeders make sure to provide quality food and give proper attention to every dog. The dogs kept in these mills are generally kept in cages and the female dogs are quite often bred, so that massive number of pups can be sold. These dogs do not receive proper care as well. Here is where these types of breeders differentiate from that of the puppy mill operations.


Well, the miniature Schnauzer pups for sale are given away for less money by backyard breeders than the professional ones. The pups may be or may not be qualifying for registration. However, the major problem with the backyard lies in the fact that they lack in knowledge of common health risks of breed, breeding standards, canine obstetrics and taking care of newborns. They generally sell the puppies locally without any health guarantee or vaccinations.


Whereas, the line of difference is very thin between hobby and professional breeders. Both of them is expected to have the knowledge of health risks, breed so on and so forth. Both of them keep themselves updated with the new research. Many hobbyists even test the breeding stock and select the dogs for breeding depending on the conformity, health and temperament. Both types of breeders care about their puppies deeply. However, it becomes difficult to understand whether a breeder is a professional or hobby breeder. Professional breeders are almost similar to that of the hobby dog breeders Bristol expect that they take themselves as legal business and so run operations by keeping a record of miniature Schnauzer pups for sale and showing the income to the IRS.


However, purchasing a puppy is really a great undertaking, so choose the breeder wisely before bringing a pet dog.

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