Cavalier King Charles Pups for Sale: Bring One Home

Have you been recently planning to bring a puppy in your home? If so you can consider a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Classed as toy dog, this small spaniel is one of the most famous breeds in the whole of the UK. You can search in the market for the Cavalier King Charles pups for sale. This is basically a smaller breed of the spaniel and the Cavalier adults are quite often of the similar size like that of the adolescent dogs of some other spaniel species. It has smooth and silky undocked tail. This breed is generally found in four colours such as, Tricolour (black/tan/white), Blenheim, ruby, black and tan. Not only can they be good with your children but with other animals too. Like all other cross breed pups for sale in the market, this breed is also very friendly and affectionate.




In the late seventeenth century, the King Charles dog changed greatly when they were interbred with the flat-nosed breeds. Though, until the 1920s, the Cavalier shared almost similar history with that of the King Charles spaniel.  The breeders tried to recreate the breed’s actual configuration, a dog bearing resemblance to Charles II’s spaniel. To find more about this species scan through the below mentioned domains:



Historically, the Cavalier King Charles pups for sale were considered as a lap dog. Nonetheless, this is a small species for spaniel and is named as cavalier, cav or cavie. Originated in the UK, this breed weighs somewhere around 5.9-8.2 kg (both male and female). Whereas the height may vary from 30 to 33 cm. Generally, it is doesn’t have curls. Feathering can develop on their feet, ears, tail and legs in their adulthood.



Unlike any other cross breed pups for sale, this breed is extremely playful and affectionate. It is not at all shy to socialize and always easily adapt to any sort of environment, location and family. It is their bonding ability that makes them ideal for houses. This breed is great with people of almost all ages. Cavaliers generally have average intelligence and are very obedient. They are always curious and enjoy being loved and pampered. You will find him cuddling on lap. They can prove to be an excellent companion for both elderly people and medical patients.


Cavie has an instinct to chase vehicles and so they might not prove to be street-wise. They are extremely active and sporting too. Though, this breed is very good with other animals, but you may sometimes see a very strong hunting instinct in it as well. It is believed that this characteristic is derived from spaniel.



Though, the Cavalier King Charles pups for sale is basically a healthy breed, yet if not taken proper care it may suffer from severe genetic health issues, which include mitral valve disease, syringomyelia, and hip dysplasia, so on and so forth.


When looking for any of these companion dogs or any cross breed pups for sale, make sure to contact a reputed breeder. From a responsible breeder you can expect to receive a healthy and hygienic dog.

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