1:20 105 years of Cubs baseball in a nutshell… …

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1:20 105 years of Cubs baseball in a nutshell…

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7 Car Hacks That Will Change Your Life
If you have a small trunk try using a plastic crate instead of a laundry
basket. Its a little smaller so it fits nicer. Aa far as toothpaste for the
headlights, im pretty sure not buying starbucks for 1 day and instead
buying Meguiars PlastX will work a lot better. Plus PlastX is great on any
plastic, so you can pretty much completely restore a honda with one bottle!

Ylvis – The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) [Official music video HD]
The ones that think it is not funny are probably the same people who can’t
laugh out loud or open their mouth when they laugh. Everything has to be
overly complicated and have some hidden meaning to make them feel it is
smart enough to be worthy of their laughter. The same kind of people who
say” ahh that is funny” and can’t laugh…lol. Ahh damn I just FARTED,
that was funny shit. Isn’t that what they call lowenbrau humor…teehee

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