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Fitness is referred to the condition of a body with good health. In other words, fitness is referred to the body free from hypo kinetic diseases like cardiovascular problems, blood pressure rise and fall, obesity, back pain and back problems. Staying fit is not attained in a day,  but fitness is obtained by giving sufficient amount of nutrition to the body, doing good and regular exercise, maintaining proper hygiene, sufficient amount of rest and practicing healthy eating habits. For the fitness of body, alcohol and smoking should be avoided compulsorily and completely. Taking of beverages like coffee reduces the body’s secretion of digestive juices and makes the body lean but not healthy. Continuous and regular exercise and good eating habits leads to healthy and fit life.

Importance of fitness:

  • The fitness is not a compulsory way of living. It is just a best option for the way of life.
  • The exercise for fitness keeps the body frees from heart diseases and respiratory problems, the fitness exercises makes the heart strong.
  • It gives flexibility to the body and makes up the bones and joints.
  • It gives firmness, strangeness, leaner and active body structure.
  • The fitness exercises result in the good blood circulation in the body and it delivers good amount of nutrients to the tissues and muscles in the body.
  • The fitness exercises burns the unwanted and extra calories from the body and reduces the fat and keeps the body free from obesity.
  • The regular exercise for fitness rid away constipation and helps in free bowel movements. The constipation is the root cause of many diseases like, reducing of eye sight, piles, stomach pain and stress.
  • The physical fitness and exercise equipments make the body secrete unwanted salts and chemicals through sweat. This makes the skin and body fresh and healthy.
  • The exercise in the equipments makes hungry and secrete large amount of digestive juices, this helps in the digestion of food and makes the stomach healthy.
  • The exercises reduce the belly and thighs which gives the most beautiful structure to the body.
  • If a person is physically fit he improves confidence in himself and that makes improvement in mental fitness and makes to succeed in every moment of life.
  • If the body is not exercised regularly, it leads to laziness. The fitness prevents destruction and stress.
  • The fitness equipments are very useful in making the body fit and healthy.
  • It helps in burning large amount of calories at a short period of time. The daily long walk and jogging and stresses are done in a single room.

Many gym equipments like exercise bikes, thread mill, weight lifting are the improved technology in developing the fitness of the body. These gym equipments are specially designed for each part of the body. Some are useful in stretching the body and some are used to shape the muscles of lower abdomen and some to tone the muscles of the thighs and shoulder. The fitness equipment plays a very important role in keeping the body fit.

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