In the age of technology, banking and convenience have become the same sides of coin

Online money transfer has created wonders and thus is a great tool as it effectively saves our time and for its compatibility and safety it has become the choice of millions for monetary transactions and maintaining accounts.


Money transfers are normally done in two occasions either for personal use or pay for the services used.  In India, there are several institutions and organizations offering money transfer ServiceEach of the organization and banking institutes has their norms and regulation; to deliver customer satisfaction various methods are implied to transfer money. Some of the top 5 are as follows:-


Wire- via Transfer– This is completely paperless method. The amount directly gets credited into user account after getting deducted from your account. Only the basic details and account no of your and the beneficiary and routing numbers is required for transfer of funds. Charges of wire transfer services wary. They are bit pricey yet are worth and considered as safest option.


NEFT Services– NEFT refers to national electronic money transfer service. This is complete online procedure. This usually take time first you will need to add beneficiary and here you simply need to fill in your details and beneficiary details and bank details of beneficiary for e.g. Account Number, Bank Code, IfSC Code, name of the  beneficiary account holder for transfer. It normally takes minimum time of 8 hours and maximum time of one day for electronic clearance.


Prepaid monetary Cards– They are simple to use and easy to carry. The benefits of prepaid card are accepted globally and can be easily operated at all Atms. The Services can be available after loading money into the cards and funds can be easily transferred by using these cards. These cards are travel friendly and provide higher convenience.


Foreign Exchange Providers– This option to money transfer service can be considered while transferring larger amount. For. e.g. transferring money to a child for pursuing higher studies. Trusting reliable channels of service providers or money transfer agent could aid in keeping fixed exchange rates and saving your hard earned money.


Pay Pal– It is often advisable to inquire for option before transaction. You could choose pay pal in terms of saving your money for transferring up to certain limits as per the norms and regulations of the bank. Pay Pal is a gateway of electronic transfer from one account to another account. In this the recipient is charged to collect the amount, transfer can be done for free.


In the age of technology, there are several options for money transfer and various mediums available to transfer the amount. As finances are concerned it is always advisable to check the credentials of the company or service providers.


Always keep a hard copy of the acknowledgements to safeguard your interest of your online money transfer.  While transacting online never share your passwords with any bank officers or other sources. Keep the passwords in privacy for stress free transactions.

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