Asia Holiday Packages: Some interesting points

Asia, the biggest continent in the world, is undoubtedly a traveler’s paradise. The diversity of tourist attractions and culture and traditions leave every visitor amazed. You can visit the continent at any time during the year and it is a lifetime experience. Starting from the snow-clad Mount Everest in Nepal, the magnificent skyline of Shanghai, the entertainment hub of Hong Kong, the Tibetan Buddhist monasteries to the immense watercourses of the Mekong delta, Asia has everything in store for the keen traveler.

The tourism sector of Asia has witnessed phenomenal growth over the past one or two decades. As laid down by the Global Destination Cities Index 2013 from MasterCard, 10 out of 20 ranks are enjoyed by cities in the Asia Pacific region. According to this index, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has attained the top rank as a tourist destination for the first time.

There are various Asia holiday packages available for the travelers which cover top-rated destinations like Bali (Indonesia), Japan, China, Singapore and Hong Kong. These holiday packages are perfectly customized for people who wish to travel with their family members and friends. Holiday packages for Asia are ideal for relishing the food and adventure sports activities that take place across the continent. If you are a food lover, then you should take into consideration visiting Penang which is famous for selling local cuisines at the roadside eateries and also the seashores of Japan that are known for sushi (rice with raw fish wrapped with seaweed). If you visit Singapore, don’t forget to sip the high tea.

Adventure sports and recreational activities are an integral feature of these Asia holiday packages. Popular activities in which you can take part include but are not limited to snorkeling in Sabah (Borneo, Malaysia), tai chi in Taiwan, as well as shebang in the Maldives. There are countless options to choose from and each of them will pump your adrenaline.

There are special packages available from various tour operators that can help you save money. If you wish to travel by railways, then the Asia rail travel planner can work as an excellent resource for you. You can also go for deals offered by your chosen airlines or hotels that are pretty cost-effective. Since Asia is a vast continent, these packages are certainly good picks.

With the ease of using the Internet, booking an Asian holiday package has never been so simple. With the least of effort, finding your choicest hotels and flights is just a matter of seconds. Bundle offers for hotels and flights are frequently available where the traveling agency will even inform you how much you are saving. You can also bundle car rental with these packages to fulfill all your tour requirements.

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