The Leisurely Soft Sunday With Flavored Cream Cheese!

Who will not appreciate a spring Sunday morning that starts with a warm cup of coffee, newspapers right beside the bed and a fresh bagel of cream cheese? Yummy! Flavored cream cheese can add exciting flavor to breakfasts and give a rich makeover to all your favorite recipes – veggies, pastas and even turkey sandwiches left over from Thanksgiving. These lines could however sound disappointing if the reader is supposed to be on a dairy friendly diet. Although most dieters will suggest that dairy free crème cheese could be healthy, it doesn’t do justice to the bagel and taste monotonous. The good news is that it will take just five minutes with some unique ingredients on your side and creativity on your mind to inspire healthy taste without compromising on dairy. The bagel this way doesn’t have to feel unworthy!

Flavored cream cheese come as a mix of both sweet and savory preparations that will bring out the “wow” from your guests or a feeling of satisfaction if it is yourself the preparation is meant to cater to! Flavored cream cheese has always been absolutely delightful as spreads on sandwiches, waffles and cakes, but experiments can provide you with more mouthwatering and healthy platters.

Energizing appetizers and perking up potatoes

Creamy blue flavored cheese has been used in several important dips and can range from fresh crostini or bruschetta or the typical onion cream chopped toppings. A dip made from flavored cream cheese and served with pita chips or crispy bagel chips can just melt into the mouth and take you to ecstasy! On the other hand – potato – a common veggie ate daily could be spruced up with the creamy blue flavored cheese and mingled into an exciting mashed potato recipe just prior to serving. Walnut or honey flavored cream cheese could also look good with sweet potato fries or baked preparations.

Sprucing up sandwiches

What is a sandwich without a cheese spread and when it’s a creamy blue flavored cheese, anything can act as a complimentary topping. When you have a lot of holiday leftover in the form of salad and meat, just bring home some flavored cream cheese and easily eat up the lazy couple of days! Some professional chefs use the creamy blue flavored cheese to jazz up cold sandwiches. This is easily done in your home too and no one complains.

Enhancing entrees

Planning for a friend’s get-together after long or are expecting some important guests? A plan for a quick gourmet dinner that will have the necessary charm, using flavored cream cheese makes it all easier. Toss it over some chicken breast over olive oil, some minced garlic and chopped onion and you have something special ready. The cheese can also go with your cooked pasta or the cups of popcorn! Flavored cream cheese frosting is yet another way of balancing the acidity in sweet cakes and chocolate while adding a fine healthy touch to the taste buds.

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