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Someone aptly said that a quality of cheese reflects the personality of the homemade cheese maker as does wine. When one thinks of high quality cheese, it should be something that tastes good and is quite safe to eat. The characteristics of a good quality cheese are its texture, aroma, appearance and flavor. These are also the characteristics that are contributed by the milk that is used for churning the cheese. One can imagine the significance when you read that over one gallon of milk is required to produce one pound of high quality cheese. Homemade cheese makers use a variety of milk derivatives like skim milk, low fat milk and several other combinations of the two. Regardless of the source, every ounce of an average cheese preparation contains 200 milligrams of calcium – the ones derived from the milk. Here we discuss how cheese could be a part of a balanced and healthy diet.

Previously, even fifty years ago, the idea of low-fat cheese seemed to be an expensive dream. However, today, with the use of technology and creative experimentation, we have several varieties of reduced fat and even fat-free versions of Swiss, cheddar, American, mozzarella and other cheese varieties. There are several flavored cheese makers in UK who come up with totally fat free and healthy cheese forms that could be both a tasty and healthy inclusion in our meals.

When talking about healthy flavored cheese makers in UK, enough consideration has to be given when you are going to cook. Fat content in cheese responds vigorously to application of heat. While full fat cheese allows a thorough melt creating a smooth and creamy texture, it gets less pliable when reduced in fat content. Put easily, the lower the fat content, the harder it is to get a smooth melt. In this case, the cheese is best served with uncooked dishes, as with salads and sandwiches. Low fat cheese however does come with the disadvantage of tasting “off flavor” and monotonous. An idea would be to use both the low fat and full fat cheese in mixed proportions as deemed suitable, the later just for the flavor.

Homemade cheese makers responsibly come up with the best cheese produce, which is pure in its content. These are then brought into other process to extract the fat content (specifically the oil) and get a more leathery healthy cheese alternative. This is also the reason that most flavored cheese makers in UK will suggest baked pasta dishes and casseroles should be topped with reduced fat cheese only at the end of the cooking and the serving should be done immediately such that the melt lasts when you take the food inside your mouth.

Cheese is one of the most commonly taken food compliment in UK. However, with rising health problems, dieticians often suggest to switch over to low fat or fat-free cheese products. As a result homemade cheese makers are finding it good times in providing a healthy alternative.

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