Time for Some Zip and Zing with Flavored Cheese

Purist would always prefer cheese in its natural taste and in fact fine cheese would stand out on its own. However, there would be times when you would love to experiment, when the taste buds would like something new – a tinge of spices and some zip and zing! This is when people turn to flavored cheese makers. By being different, we don’t hint at those color and stabilizer added spreads in the supermarket or corn syrups and xanthan gum. This nation has some of the finest artisans who indulge in flavored cheese making such that aficionados find a twist in the taste often.

There are various flavored cheese makers in UK with products ranging from hot jalapeño to smoked varieties. A visit to the supermarket will let you taste common varieties like herbed chevre, horseradish, pepper jack, Danish blue cheese and other artistic flavors. This doesn’t necessarily also mean that the products found in the supermarket are completely unworthy of any attention but it is important to crosscheck the ingredients for quality. The finest of cheese goes through the basics of curdling milk by some acid; lemon juice or vinegar or even rennet. It simply shouldn’t contain sodium alginate or soybean oil. When you have better options, why go for these highly processed but less satisfying alternatives?

Given the huge varieties of flavored cheese makers in the UK alone, you can hope to find any taste that cross your imagination. Cheese mongers have always believed that manipulated products compromised the taste and health factor. The finest cheese such as the Danish blue cheese are no longer related to high budget parties but are finding interest in the everyday taker.

For most flavored cheese makers would imply smoked varieties. Smoked cheese in fact finds popular use in sandwiches and snacking. The flavors produced are strong and can range over a variety of ingredients. Walnut, strawberry, pecan, mozzarella, apple, cherry and Danish blue cheese are just a few of the examples. Now, it is important that this smoking is done carefully and with caution. Excessive heat can ruin the recipe while too less heating will not provide the desired combination. Expert flavored cheese makers often go for cold smoking for commercial produce and this process does impart excellent melting and softening quality to the recipe. Smoked cheese can even be shopped locally although they have long been believed to be the platter for the high class parties.

What tops the list for flavored cheese makers is however the truffles. Truffle flavored cheese has long been the richest form of the delicacy and continue to be popular among all cheese lovers. Available in both specialty chops and supermarkets, truffles varieties of Danish blue cheese have many takers all the year round.

Other recipes that create the best of flavored cheese have been derived from peppers, herbs and other spices. Flavored cheese represents 27 percent of the total sales in the UK cheese markets and there is a lot to look forward to.

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