Health v/s Taste with Extra Creamy Danish Blue Cheese

Double cream white cheeses are the single most popular topping with bagels and goes in perfect with frostings and dips. Every average serving size of cream cheese is ideally two tablespoons and will contain 102 calories. Most part of the calorie, around 92 comes from the fat in the cream. This saturated fat can negatively affect our health and cause the cholesterol levels in the body to rise. For an average man, the adequate recommendation is no more than 30g of cream cheese everyday and lesser if he is having double cream white cheese. For women the adequate limits are even less and cream cheeses are thought to be harmful during pregnancy.

However, there is yet another theory that cheese could be a powerhouse of nutrition and could affect the health is better ways. Scientific studies indicate that K2, an essential constituent in creamy cheese could be beneficial to the brain, heart and bones of the human body. Double cream white cheese could be the tastiest source of calcium and protein. Protein diets curb hunger and people tend to eat less and thus cheese servings can help contribute to weight loss. It could also be a part of a well rounded diet chart wherein protein would be helpful in reducing the rate of carbohydrate absorption after meals and maintain the blood sugar level in the body.

If your doctor is still worried about the high amount of saturated fat that double cream white cheese contains, you can alternatively opt for extra creamy Danish blue cheese. As opposed to regular cream cheeses, this variant has a minimum of 33 percent of milk fat and is also subject to other specifications. Neither does it contain too much of sodium as a result of the manufacturing process and will not affect your blood pressure, muscle and nerve functioning in any way. However, extra cream Danish blue cheese is to be strictly avoided during pregnancy as it contains listeria.

The good news is that cheese lovers can thoroughly rejoice. High quality extra cream Danish blue cheese is a synergic health blend providing important minerals, amino acids, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin K2, vitamin D3 and calcium. This will greatly reduce osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases and as long as your double cream white cheese comes from a reputable maker, there is nothing to be afraid of.

While cream in the extra creamy Danish blue cheese will be high in fat, the main product, the cheese helps reduce the fat content and this could be a great combination for health conscious cheese lovers. Alternatively light cream cheese could be a regular part of a healthy diet unless you are suffering from high cholesterol levels, heart diseases, arthritis, type 2 diabetes and memory problems. However, as compared to common fast food that we tend to dig on regularly, cheese snacks could be a better alternative. The fat in the double cream white cheese generally comes from plant proteins and are healthy.

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