The Popular Pineapple Cheese Now in a New Avatar

The idea behind the hugely popular pineapple halo cheese was patented in the year 1810 in Pennsylvania by Lewis Norton. The first was a cheddar cheese with the curds stacked off for drainage before it was put into pineapple shaped molds. It was then a cottage industry for housewives and several bags would hang along the room for several weeks. After the drying was complete, it was cut in various sizes ranging from a 10 ounce mold to a life size pineapple. For imparting a longer life, the cheese was then coated with shellac. If you had the pleasure of attending a cheese and wine party the pineapple halo cheese canapés would be the best of pairing with festive drinks.

Products and brands like Castello have a long range of delicious variants that taste amazing with both cooked food and raw veggies. As a dining indulgence, both pineapple halo cheese and double cream blue cheese have their own appeal and will go smooth with potato, bacon, strawberry, cheesecake and other sophisticated preparations. All of love to indulge in some god old cheese during the festivities and what a better option than the pineapple halo cheese! The Christmas canapés would definitely include smoked salmon over soda bread and topped with pickled cucumber and double cream blue cheese. Serve with sherry and you have a majestic combination at your disposal.

Another new avatar that has been applied to pineapple halo cheese is a preparation with mushroom nuggets and cooked in rich double cream blue cheese. This mingle of smoothness will definitely tingle every taste bud that is allowed cheese! Castello pineapple halo cheese and dip sticks is also served with pineapple Bellini and pineapple weed, a wild foraged plant tasting like pineapple.

Since the Victorian era, pineapple halo cheese and the double cream blue cheese have been getting several modifications and improvements and we can expect to get some of the best products even in supermarket. The popularity of the food has resulted in various homemade cheese making units that regularly supply fresh molds that come cheap and go excellent with all meals. However there is a lot of difference between naturally made cheese and fermented and processed foods. In case of double cream blue cheese especially, the cheaper the product the weirder and unhealthier the taste. One can tell apart a natural cheese simple by its label that should read the variety of the product. Real cheese almost always requires refrigeration and this includes all cheddar, brie and double cream blue cheese.

In cheese making, the starter culture stands out to be a very important factor to impart the texture, shape, taste and nutritional value of the product. The type of milk use, the conditions in which the animals were raised, the specific churning methods, cutting, drying, refrigeration ripening and ageing play an important role in the making of a good produce. Never compromise upon quality when it’s about taste and grandeur of cheese tasting!

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