Know about the Components and Types of Cuban Cigars

t is said that the best things are handmade and whatever is handmade cannot be copied or mechanized. Same holds true for Cuban cigars. Premium cigars are always handmade; the sophistication that goes into making of a Cuban cigar cannot be mechanized. To make a cigar involves a lot of hard work and sophistication. From the task of preparing the filler of tobacco to filling them and then folding the outer wrapper demands the experience and labour of sophisticated, regular hands. The whole task demands great concentration from the person involved in the whole process.

Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba is a brand for cigars, one that is produced in Cuba and better known as Cohiba Cuban cigars, and the other that is produced in Dominican Republic. Habanos cigars, on the other hand, signify cigars from Havana.

The taste of cigar is dependent on the quality of filler, the better the quality the better the taste. Like taste, the aroma and flavor of a cigar also depends on its filler and the way it has been manufactured. The three parts of cigars are outer tobacco leaf (that acts as a wrapper), the binder and the filler.

Ligero, Seco and Volado are the three types of fillers. The filler is made up of three layers, with strong Ligero leaf in the center, the lighter seco leaf around it, and the volado surrounds both the ligero and seco. Cuban cigars have the finest elements of these fillers.

Ligero comes from the top part of the tobacco plant that receives the maximum amount of sunlight. It is responsible to provide flavor to cigars. It always forms the centre part of the cigar. Seco comes from the middle part of the plant and is lighter in color and flavor in comparison to ligero. Volado comes from the lowest part of the plant and is mainly used as filler because of their inflammable nature. They have a little affect on the flavor of cigars.

Cigar smoking has almost become a ritual for its lovers who prefer it over any other kind of recreational stuff such as cigarettes. The popularity of cigars and their fineness has even caught the attention of cigarette smokers, who are steadily switching over to cigars.

With the easy accessibility of internet, now anyone can easily order for Cuban cigars from the comfort of his home. Most brands also make sure that they deliver the right and genuine products to their clients.

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