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In today’s time, people generally prefer to undergo for Cosmetic Surgery in India. Advancement in medical field has given path to cosmetic surgery rather than the traditional path, which is very poor and considered more painful. People of all ages are nowadays more concerned about their look. Cosmetic Surgery in India is facilitate in almost all towns but the best done is in Delhi as being the capital town, it offers more options. Other than having, high satisfaction in Delhi, India provides the best price compared to UK, are about 30 to 40% low.

One of the less painful and cheaper surgeries among the Cosmetic Surgery in India is the Laparoscopic surgery. It is known as minimal invasive surgery or a keyhole surgery, where small incisions are done and doctors insert the laparoscope or the viewing tube to the body up to the abdomen to clearly see. This is manly done for fast recovery and minimizes pain of operation. Laparoscope is the fiber optic, long and slender device with a camera attached to its anterior part. Thus laparoscopy is used for both surgical and diagnosis procedure. The visual images captured help to understand any tumors presence, infertility, any type of clots or any other ailments in the patient’s body at the same time. Laparoscopic surgery also assists doctors for performing gall bladder removal operation or hernia repair. The surgical instruments and camera are inserted through a small incision, which is done in abdominal wall. Laparoscopic surgery treatment targets to reduce fat size of stomach size.

There is few more illness that is also can be cured and diagnosed with laparoscopy:

  1. Adhesions: it is used for checking the scar tissue in pelvic cavity.
  2. Reproductive system: many problems like fibroid tumors, pelvic floor, endometriosis etc. Any abnormality in fallopian tubes, uterus and ovaries can be determined. Ectopic pregnancy can also be terminated with laparoscopic method.
  3. Cancers: pancreas and liver cancer are diagnosed with laparoscopy.

The advantages that the Laparoscopy surgery provides:

  • Free of pain
  • A very short stay about 24 to 48 hours
  • No complication in case of wound comparable to other surgery
  • Patients recover very fats and can join their duly work within a week
  • Only 5 small scars of about ½ to 1 ½ cm
  • Improvement of quality of life

Risks and Complication

Every surgery involves with certain level of risk. However, risk involved in weight loss surgery varies on the procedure such as, anastomotic stricture and leak, wound infection, obstruction, deep vein thrombosis.

Side Effects

  1. Very minimal hair loss
  2. Constipation
  3. Vomiting occasionally
  4. Boggy skin
  5. Vitamin and protein deficiency if supplements not taken
  6. Small eating restriction

Costs for Laparoscopic

This entire procedure cost around Rs. 400,000 which include a lot things like surgery, two days staying cost. It varies with different patients according to size. They include various recovery medicines while you stay in hospital and this depend completely upon the medical situation. This is average amount you may need to pay.

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