Liposuction – best treatment for weight loss

Nowadays, people are very much health conscious. However, due to irregular eating, hectic lifestyle and zero exercise ultimately results in obesity. This not only reduces facial and body features but also adds discomfort in your life and this make one’s life very frustrated. It is seen that obese people generally feel insecure and shy to expose themselves in outer world. There are number of techniques in the field of Treatment for Weight Loss to check obesity. It is very much important to have daily exercise and healthy diet for keeping stable health condition. Thus, people of any age group can opt for Treatment for Weight Loss.

Indian medical specialists recommend Liposuction in India specially meant for the Treatment for Weight Loss. Liposuction in India is the cosmetic surgery that focuses mainly to remove excess stubborn fat from your body. It is an option for removing the bulges, which will not budge, and this improves the shapes of your body. It can treat several areas such as eyelids, chin, abdomen and thighs. Liposuction in India is also called lipectomy surgery as well. Earlier it was best known for the treatment of body contouring but nowadays it is worldwide known as the best cosmetic surgery. This procedure can be used also for excess over weight obese people. This cannula is inserted inside the body by making very small incisions. This is pulled and pushed for breaking the fat under your screen with the help of vaccume pressure.

Liposuction is comparatively very less risky. However, special care must be taken care while the procedure because excess fluid loss may lead to come under shock.

Types of Liposuction Available

Presently, there are various methods, which most surgeons prefer. The main two methods are wet and the other one is super wet. Both include the injecting of a mixture of anesthetic and water in the body before removing the excess fat. This help for breaking up cells, lessens swelling and bruising. The amount and the type of injections vary.

The other method is the Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction or UAL, which firstly breaks the fats with the use of ultrasonic waves by shaking and heating the cells. Then fats are removed in the liquefied state. This power assisted method breaks fat much easily.

Areas treated through Liposuction

This is known as versatile procedure in cosmetic surgery. A wide variety of areas can be treated with the Liposuction method. Commonly you will find it using in thighs, stomach, lower back and buttock areas. These areas mainly collect cellulite and fat deposits. In addition, this can use in arms, knees and face. Women usually go for their thighs and hips.

Risks after Surgery

There will be of course a scar if incision is made. However, the visibility of scars depends on the patients healing. The time of most scars is minimal but the surgeons take extensive care to camouflage the wounds from within body natural contours.

Recovery Time                            

Recovery mainly depends on different individual and also to the extent of surgical condition. If the patient is having just a small area, that person can be back to work within a week. However, it is common to take up to 2 weeks before starting to work.

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