Testing for Diseases

The symptoms of many deadly diseases are similar to that of flu like fever, chillness, sore throat, body pain, weight loss etc at their early stages. But in the next stage, irritation and burning at the time of urination, shortness of breath and sores can be found in various STD and HIV AIDS.

If you identify any of the above symptoms, you may have to take an AIDS test in between 25 days and 6 months. If you have high chances of having disease like HIV AIDS, Chlamydia or gonorrhea, negligence in an AIDS test may be fatal.

Testing of HIV/AIDS, Chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes and such disease is very important as they never shows outwards symptoms in many people. They silently cause severe damage to the immune system in the body and leads to infections of many parts of the body.

The importance of testing

The importance of testing is to prevent the disease from passing unknowingly to other people. There is a danger of passing these diseases to the baby in the uterus and can be passed while breast feeding. And there is a danger of passing diseases to the sex partner and friends through broken skin. It is very safe for health if these diseases are treated early in the first stage. The long term diseases of these kinds lead to mental disorder or infertility or even death. The testing should be done at least once in a year or once in six months.

Testing centers, local hospitals, government hospitals, private doctors and special clinics contain private and confidential tests for diagnosing such diseases.

There are also many HIV testing kits available in the medical market and shops. These kits are widely used to test for such antibodies at home whenever we want. If the testing shows positive, you may consult the doctor for the right drug and treatment. Completely avoiding the habits of smoking and drinking helps to reduce the health complications in these diseases. If the patients are addicted to alcohol and smoking there are many programs available to get them rid off? There is no problem when a negative result is shown.

There are many types of STD tests.

Antibody test

Antibody test is to find any antibodies present inside the blood or body. Antibody tests need the samples of blood, oral fluid and urine.  They take up to two weeks to find the positive and negative results. But there are rapid HIV tests available and they take the sample of blood, oral fluid and urine. It takes only 10 -20 minutes to know the results.

Antigen test

Antigen test is used to find the disease at the early stages. Antigen test is not similar to the anti body test. It needs blood as a sample.

PCR test

It is referred as polymerase chain reaction. It is used to test the genetics of HIV in new born baby when the mother is affected from HIV.

Proper use of these HIV tests can help you in diagnosing many deadly diseases at the early stages for a better treatment.

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