Necessary precautions to be taken after weight loss surgery

In case you are planning for undergoing weight loss surgery, you should have some ideas about the necessary precautions that should be adhered to after completion of the surgery. Some relevant information is being provided here which would be helpful for you when you remain confined into the clinic or hospital for the said surgery and thereafter come back to your home.

Immediately after the completion of your weight loss surgery, you should remain in empty stomach for the initial twenty-four hours. At most you can have some little sip of water from time to time during these hours. Afterwards for about fifteen days you should consume drink liquids only and thereafter shift on to pureed and soft foods. You would be able to take solid food after a month from the completion date of surgery.

During the period of recovery, you should consume water in large quantity but not along with meals. In the event you eat in excess quantity or wrong kind of food, this might stall your process of recovery and vomiting can happen. At the time of your recovery process you should also look into the matter that you get adequate rest and also do some minor exercise like walking. This would help you to reduce the risk of blood clotting in your body. You should not also lift any heavy materials for quite some days after the weight loss surgery.

Over the passage of time you would start feeling that your strength and energy are increasing gradually. You should also abide by the advice of your nutritionist in order to keep the target of weight loss continuing. The nutritionist would advice you in the matter of proper diet and the schedule of exercise which you have to follow. You will also have to continue for routine follow-ups and check-ups not only with the nutritionist but also with the surgeon who had performed surgery.

Among the various types of surgical procedures for losing weight, Bariatric Surgery is one of the most popular surgical procedures. For reducing their excessive weight large numbers of people are being inclined to undergo this surgery. The initial idea of Bariatric Surgery came into the minds of medical practitioners during the 1950s. A. J. Kremen, a renowned surgeon first performed the surgery in the year 1954. The lower and upper regions of intestine of small size were joined together to sidestep the middle portion, where maximum absorption of food takes place. The plan was to reduce the quantum of food which is processed through the intestine and thereby lesser calories are being absorbed by the body.

Gradually, more changes took place in Bariatric Surgery with the advancement of time. A present innovation in the matter of bariatric surgery which has been adopted is to combine the principles of dumping syndrome and gastric restrictions. In this procedure, the surgeon makes a pouch by clipping the upper portion of the stomach and linking the same with the small intestine. This type of surgery became popular because of comparatively fewer complications involved with the surgery and various other types of surgical procedures are being adopted by the surgeons nowadays.

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