Role of an obesity doctor in the treatment of an overweight person

With a great percentage of Americans being obese or overweight now, demand for seeking help from an obesity doctor is increasing very fast. Obesity doctors oversee and advice about the matter of low calorie diets which is very important for the obese persons, they can prescribe medications which can help in reducing weight or surgeons that make bariatric surgery that help overweight persons to reduce additional pounds permanently.

The type of obesity doctor an individual look for might depend on the financial condition, as bariatric surgeries are not included in the coverage of insurance, the quantum of fat one has to reduce and availability of various kinds of doctors in one’s area. Some obesity doctors, who specialize in the treatment of obesity and utilize the term “practitioner” while advertising, are actually not in the category of medical doctors and they are naturopathic or homeopathic doctors. These types of doctors use drugs or herbs, like homeopathic preparations, for inducing weight reduction. These sorts of treatments might have damaging side effects and are found to be clinically unproven.

Surgeons who are specialized in the treatment of obesity perform various kinds of surgery which either bypass portion of smaller intestine that effects in fewer calories being absorbed or reduce the stomach size. This kind of surgery is not so simple for losing weight, and the patient has to maintain strict dietary charts for the remaining period of his or her life. Moreover, the people who are extremely obese might face different types of complications after undergoing this type of surgery. The patients who cannot bear the cost of bariatric surgery may find a suitable alternative in prescribed medications. Medications which reduce appetite, or that reduce fat absorption, cannot be used for long-term. Individuals undergoing obesity treatment might be benefitted by consulting an obesity doctor who arranges group meetings, offers counseling and does weekly-check up to insist them remain motivated and follow the diet chart.

For reducing weight some patients take the help of MIS or minimally invasive surgery or known as laparoscopic surgery and this kind of surgery is done by small incisions on the abdomen. However, there is tricky part in selecting the proper type of laparoscopic hospital where these types of operations are performed.

Laparoscopy is the type of surgical method which utilizes a laparoscope. Mainly two types of surgical procedures are followed. In one procedure a system of telescopic rod lens which remains connected with a camera and in the other one a digital laparoscope in which device of charge-couple is kept at the bottom of the laparoscope, discarding the system of rod lens. In most cases, this method is followed for weight reduction surgical procedures. Certain things have to consider carefully before selecting the proper laparoscopic hospital for undergoing the surgery.

Various things are to be considered while selecting the laparoscopic hospital and one should make an in depth study in regards availability of services and reputation of the said hospital. One should also verify the hospital’s affiliations with the other recognized medical establishments and maintain surgical tools which are up to the latest standards.

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